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The sexy vixens Jesie St. James, Sharon Kane, Beverly Hutton, Delania Raffino, Holly Landis, Jean Jennings and Valerie Parker are a few of the female stars that make up classic vintage porn. Movies that were shot on film in the 1970's and 1980's are movies that are considered Vintage Porn or Classic Porn, and they all come from the "Golden Age" of porn. The studs Paul Thomas, Blair Harris, Fred Lincoln, Roger Caine, Zebedy Colt are the men that made the other half of the on-screen passion so hot it could have melted a few buildings, but were thankful it didn't.

Senator Frank Parsons' is a busy man running his campaign, but he still has time to satisfy his needs in "All The Senator's Girls". Aboard a yacht all the campaigning goes in to full heat and it's everywhere on the boat. Find out more about this deep governmental intervention.

"Defiance" shows you what happens when a young girl is found with some questionable items in her bedroom by her parents. Sent away to a special instruction where she learns what Defiance means.

Sexual awakening of a French teenage girl in "Girls With Curves" shows you what happens at first a party where the friends play with feathers. To get away from it all, she leaves on vacation to an island. To earn money she must do a special job and after she leaves someone helps pay for her hotel room, but he does need one thing from her which he gets while she sleeps. She returns home to find her parents busy with their own lives.

Jesie St. James plays in "Hot Legs". The story of the Modeling World take center place in this erotic film. A great soundtrack goes along with the scorching hot sex.

2 inept phone repairmen get lost in Germany. To earn their way back to civilization they must do some interesting jobs, working in a bar they can't get the hang of it, they try security for a local beauty contestant, this ends up in a sticky disaster itself. They then work as bouncers at a club and one ends up in bed with the owners wife, whose husband in insanely jealous. They escape to safety only to end up back at a party where they meet up with some hot German women as well as the vengeful husband and his hoods. "Playgirls Of Munich" showcases the hot women of Germany along with the zany antics of two American men.

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